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When choosing caviar, there are a few things to consider:
Type of caviar: There are several types of caviar available, such as Beluga, Ossetra or Kaluga, each with a unique appearance and flavor.
Quality: look for caviar that is firm, shiny and of uniform color. Avoid any caviar that is discolored or has a strong fishy smell.
Country of origin: Caspian caviar is considered the best, but there are also high quality caviars from other countries such as Bulgaria, Italy and China
Preparation: Some caviars are pasteurized and others unpasteurized. Pasteurized caviar has a longer shelf life, but unpasteurized caviar is considered to have better flavor. Caviar Lianozoff only offers fresh caviars.
It's always best to buy caviar from a reputable source and check the expiration date before buying.